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March 13, 2016     |     Personal

Graffitimundo Tour

Took a little tour with Graffitimundo and it was awesome! I loved it! There were about 20 expats on this tour and our tour guide was so passionate, she made this tour so wonderful and interesting! We learned about the evolution of street art and how acceptable and truly loved it has become in the city. We decoded a wall with a bunch of "tags" and designs on it, and learned about the rules of respect for street artist. Our tour lasted around two hours, we hoped on a bus half way through and visited two incredible street art galleries. Our tour ended in a crazy cool bar with a gallery in the back showcasing a collective work of graffiti artists. Would highly recommend this tour! I loved it.

March 7, 2016     |     Personal

San Telmo and La Boca

A few pics us walking around San Telmo (again) and La Boca! So fun getting out and doing touristy stuff every weekend! I should really be a tourist in my own town more often!

March 6, 2016     |     Personal

Photography walking tour of the city!

I took a little time for myself to take pictures (at last!). I have found this super hard to do with the kids and stroller in tow, while also being the one in charge of guiding my family through the city. This city is notorious for theft and I already stand out like a sore thumb with my sneaks and backpack, so it's a little intimidating to take my big camera out. I've just decided that I'll try to take an hour or so just to walk around town by myself to capture some of this beautiful city through my lens. Our tour started off in a beautiful old traditional cafe. I met up with a lovely couple from England, a girl from the Netherlands, and our guide Daniela. We shared stories over coffee and then hit the streets of San Telmo to take some pictures! We met up at the end and reviewed our images over pisco sours and our guide gave us some feedback! It was a great afternoon and I learned a few things about street photography! Here are a few of my images from the tour.

February 29, 2016     |     Personal

El Tigre

We had the BEST day at el Tigre last weekend, it was such a nice break from the city. El Tigre is a city about an hour train ride north of Buenos Aires. It sits on an island surrounded by rivers, it's a big delta and it was way more relaxing than the big city. As soon as we walked off the train, I felt instantly calmer, it was like a breath of fresher air! We took a small boat to a little boutique hotel called Amarran Sancho and spent the entire day swimming, hiking in the woods, playing games and eating a fabulous lunch! It was a perfect little getaway for us! We invited our nanny, Juli and her cousin Sophie to joins us for the day. It was truly a magical day and one I will never forget.

February 29, 2016     |     Personal

A month in and a month to go!

Hola! Things are splendid here in Buenos Aires! The heat wave seems to have subsided and slightly cooler breezes have rolled in...the first signs of Fall have arrived! We are soaking up our new neighborhood, Palermo Soho, which we absolutely love! It's a little insane at night but luckily our apartment is very quiet and tucked away from the insanity of Plaza Serrano which is right next door. We've spent a ton of time with the kids at our barrio playground, had a lot of dulce de leche ice cream, checked out a few new lovely restaurants and went to a futbol game (I only took my GoPro camera). Here is a little snippet from the past week or so!
Our apartment (above) is pretty sweet, this is the foyer. It's very open with bedrooms on both sides and a master bedroom upstairs along with a lovely rooftop terrace and parrilla (bbq)!
These two (above) have been bonding a ton! So, so cute!!! Daughters and their daddies!
These two have been SUPER cute, I have loved watching them bond, it is seriously adorable!
Oh look - I am actually IN South America - here is proof! I really need to have Steph take more photos of me!
We took a walk to Bosques of Palermo and fed the ducks and walked through the Rose Garden, made for a very nice afternoon!
We love walking Steph to work in the morning, here he is picking up some water at one of our neighborhood Kioscos!
A visit to La Panera Rosa (neighborhood fav) for some smoothies, Limonada and some medialunas (croissants)!
Lulu is the happiest in a taxi! I love this image to bits! Soaking it all up!
And of course a visit to the Zoo, which is okay, not the best but the kids love it and they get to run around like crazy. Also, a few of the animals are free range and you can feed them, which is awesome and hilarious at the same time!

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