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June 1, 2011     |     Engagements

Pitt Street Bridge: Anne & Russell

I am so proud to present one of my very first engagement sessions on the blog today. Anne & Russell are such a sweet couple and it's easy to see just how smitten they are with each other. We met at the Old Village Pitt Street Bridge in Mt. Pleasant for the engagement session. This location is an exception to my rule of not repeating backdrops since it's a favorite spot for a lot of my couples. Here are a few photos from our session. I can't wait to show you the images from their brunch wedding soon!

May 12, 2011     |     Engagements

Folly Beach Engagement: Elisabeth & Joe

Joe prefers to say that he met Elisabeth on the slopes of Alyeska, a ski resort just south of Anchorage, Alaska. It probably sounds a little more glamorous than what really happened the first time they a bar, with mutual friends, followed by breaking it down on the dance floor. Although, a relationship that begins with dancing is bound for greatness (in my humble opinion). After they got to know each other, Joe invited Elisabeth over for Easter dinner. She remembers sitting at the table and noticing that Joe couldn't take his eyes off of her. It was sweet and kind and after that night, they spent nearly every day together. Their relationship is marked by adventure, having fished, camped, snowboarded, cross-country skied. They've tried it all. When Joe found out that he would be stationed in Charleston, he asked Elisabeth if she would join him...she was elated. And after the month long road trip from Alaska to Charleston, Joe had one more question he wanted to ask Elisabeth...if she would join him for a lifetime.  
Elisabeth and Joe, thank you for inviting me into your lives and allowing me to capture your engagement session in your new hometown! Not only am I so happy for you, I am also so proud to know you and am grateful for your service to our country. Thank you. Elisabeth, I can't wait to see you soon and talk about life, love and all things wedding over sangria margaritas at Taco Boy!!! XO, Charlotte 
Elisabeth and Joe brought their puppy, McKinley to the session. Isn't she sweet?
I shot this image on a toy camera called Holga and love the result. Since I am still learning, I like to try out different cameras and see what works for me. Sometimes the grainy and blurry images are the ones I love the most.
This was also a Holga image that I LOVE...I use it in my main portfolio.
I found this bus on the way out to the beach and told Joe and Elisabeth that we had to go find it and snap a few in front of reminded me of their road trip from AK to SC!
Then we headed out to a dock right on the marsh for a few sunset shots.
Love, love, love this image...Joe, Elisabeth and McKinley make a beautiful family.
To view a slideshow from this engagement session, click here.

May 4, 2011     |     Engagements

Sullivan's Island Engagement: Meggie & David

I feel so lucky to know this couple! I met Meggie through work since she sells mutual funds to Financial Advisors and made frequent trips to our office. I loved Meggie from the second I met her. She is strong and confident, not to mention beautiful, as well as kind and so fun to be around. I knew we would be fast friends since we have so much in common as we both worked in the financial industry, played sports in college and of course have an overwhelming love for our dogs!!! I was so lucky to really get to know Meggie when she asked if I would shoot her engagement session with her fiancĂ© David. I was thrilled at the opportunity! This was one of the sweetest and most snuggly sessions I have ever shot. It was so casual and fun and I remember getting in my car afterwards and feeling my heart bursting with joy. I felt so much hapiness in that moment because I was able to witness Meggie and David's love for each other and I realized that being a photographer has be one of the happiest jobs on earth. Meggie and David were just married last month and I cannot wait to blog their wedding! In the meantime, here are a few photos from the engagement shoot.  
Meggie's dog (and now Meggie & David's dog) Princess is so sweet and adorable. Even though she was off the leash, she never let Meggie out of her sight.
I love this shot of them on this abandoned boat. It could be on the cover of a lifestyle magazine (in my dreams).
I just adore David's laugh in this photo. It's so easy to see how much fun Meggie and David have together.
Please note, I found out AFTER this shoot that portrait sessions are not allowed on Sullivan's Island (believe it or not). Until the town of Sullivan's Island approves pre-arranged photo sessions on the beach, I won't be able to shoot there professionally. The rule is that you can't go beyond the dunes. I know, total bummer. :-(

April 7, 2011     |     Engagements

Queens Borough, NYC Engagement: Katie & Todd

Katie and Todd attended the same college, had mutual friends, but somehow had never met. It wasn't until one semester abroad that they would cross paths. Todd was already in England getting his Fall semester underway at Oxford. Katie was also planning on spending her Fall semester at Oxford but was a little late to arrive due to a bout of mono. Once she recovered, Katie flew to England with her Mom. Upon their arrival at the house she was assigned to (along with 15 other students), Todd was the first person to greet them at the front door. I'd say the odds were already in their favor. Shortly thereafter, their courtship began and when Katie called to tell her Mom that she had a new boyfriend, her Mom asked "was it that cute young man who first greeted us at the door"? Moms always know these things.  
Katie and Todd, thank you for inviting me into your charming home in Queens. I am so glad that Calder introduced us and that you so kindly took me up on this engagement session to help me build my portfolio. It's easy to see your optimistic outlook on life and your fondness for each other. Cheers to a life full of laughter and the odds always being in your favor. You will always have a friend here in Charleston and you are welcome to come stay with me and Steph anytime. We will have bikes waiting for you. Congrats on your wedding and have a wonderful time on your honeymoon in England & Scotland! XO! Char 
We chose Queens and Astoria Park for the shoot because Katie and Todd enjoy walking there together so often. I try to pick locations for my couples that are already special to them and will be years from now.  
Todd is a teacher and loves books so we brought a few to the session. I love using props from my clients' homes, especially when they are relevant to the couple.
I remember pinching myself at this session....such a beautiful couple with a New York skyline. I heart NYC.

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