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April 15, 2011     |     Personal

The Bulls and the Bears

Ever since an internship in college with one of the most successful Investment Advisory teams in the country, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in the financial industry. Wall Street, stocks, bonds and the bulls and bears had always intrigued me. It didn't take long to realize that I wanted to be a Financial Advisor and was accepted into the training program. Once I got into the program, I was so excited to help people with their financial planning, start my own career and be my own boss. I did very well in my new career, was recognized within the industry for being an up-and-comer, moved up a few floors to a bigger office and was well on my way. I helped clients for over 8 years and quite frankly, I thought I would be an Advisor forever. I loved my job, cherished the relationships I had built with my clients and I welcomed the independence and responsibility of being my own boss. As I got older and more tenured, I was surprised to feel that something was missing. I took a painting class in my spare time, I even took a dance class...I needed to be creative. The more time that when on, the more I felt this hole in my life and eventually, it was hard to cover up. It took a while to understand and eventually accept that I just wasn't happy anymore.  
Then came the perfect storm. The stock market crashed in 2008 and it felt like there was nothing any Advisor could do to help. This was very difficult emotionally for both clients and Advisors and it was a helpless feeling. Around the same time, Stephan and I got married and I had the most amazing experience on my wedding day. Between our wedding planner, Melissa Barton of A Charleston Bride and our wedding photographers, Karyn Iserman and Katie Gandy, it was a magical and amazing day. In retrospect, having a front row seat to the wedding industry allowed me to see that I could be creative and successful and most importantly, happy again... 

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