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April 18, 2011     |     Photography

Ghost writer: Kristen Gehrman

Thanks are still in order for the creation of my blogsite. Meet my other copywriter, Kristen Gehrman. With the help of my friend Jonathan Sanchez, Kristen helped me create cute and custom descriptions for my favorite things map on my website. Kristen works for Jonathan at Blue Bicycle Books and for Charleston Magazine writing artist profiles and theatre coverage. She also had her first cover story published in Native Magazine this week! I knew Kristen would be a perfect addition to help with the copy for my site since her writing style is light, quirky and to the point. She also speaks fluent French and since I am a francophile to the core, I knew we would be fast friends. More than just helping me write, she also provided me with the encouragement that I can, deep breath, become a good writer. You can check out Kristen's blog here: A Commonplace Thing
Kristen, thank you for adding the perfect dash of fun and elegance to my site! I am so thankful that Jonathan introduced us and will always remember the fun time we had for your portrait session, biking all of over town together. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you, my friend! Have a blast with Mason in Turkey this summer! I'd love to hear about it over wine (en francais) when you return to Charleston! XO, Char 
Kristen lives in Charleston and showed me this cute little alley that I never knew about! I love it when my clients make suggestions and show me new locations.
Kristen wants to be a ghost writer, meaning that she will write copy for a client without putting her name on it. Her dream is to write an autobiography for a famous figure.
Kristen rides her Mom's bike. She used to ride on the back of it when she was little.
Kristen, you are beautiful! Thanks again!

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