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April 27, 2011     |     Photography

Humble Beginnings

At the very beginning of my photography career, I found myself obsessing over blogs and websites. I was totally inspired and curious. When I decided I wanted to give it a shot (no pun), I bought a used Canon 40D from this website (it's basically like ebay for photographers) and a 50mm 1.8 lens from B&H Photo. I really wanted the 50mm lens because of the shallow depth of field and it was inexpensive to boot! I love blurring out the backgrounds in photos, like a colorful canvas. My camera body and lens was the perfect pair of equipment to start learning.  
After reading the manual and practicing on my dog Lexi, I reached out to my closest friends and asked if I could practice on their kids. Of course they were delighted and happily accepted my offer for a photo session. I did a few sessions, re-read my manual, researched online, learned more and tried again. It was the best practice for me to get started. It was also a great way to see if I really liked being a photographer and the answer was instantly YES. The feeling I got when I was engaging with people and culling through the beautiful images when I got home was thrilling.  
These are a few images from my very first photo session and I still covet them. I didn't re-touch them for this blog post since I shot and edited them in (gasp!) Google Picasa and I want to remember where I started. I actually loved using Picasa for editing. Not only is it easy and free, but I was able to learn about fill light, highlights, shadows and temperature.
I love this image of little H in the swing. I love how the two different color trees on either side frame the subject. I know I didn't plan for this to happen when I shot it...I was too nervous and over shooting. Now that I know my camera, I can really think about composition of the image and be more deliberate about my shots.
I was playing with grain here. I love the look of real fim much so that I am shooting more film. Why edit my digital images to look like film when I can use film as my medium?

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