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May 2, 2011     |     Photography


Have you read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss? I highly recommend it. I read it right after I retired (I prefer retired, rather than resigned...doesn't it sound dreamy?) and it was perfect timing for me since I needed a new perspective as an "artistpreneur". I'm one of those people that need to control everything and have trouble delegating because I think I can do a task better than anyone (not true). In my old job, this got me into trouble often because I was so overwhelmed with some of the smallest tasks that weren't worth my time and I still couldn't let go of some them! I also couldn't get away from my Blackberry...I would answer emails before I went to bed and first thing in the morning. Not only did this give me anxiety ALL the time, but it also set the wrong precedent for my clients...that I was available 24/7. If you email me now, you will get this message: "Thank you so much for your email!!! Due to my current workload, I am only checking email once a day. If you have an immediate question, I can be reached by mobile phone at: 843.754.8235. Thank you and have a great day!" What a great relief I felt when I posted this to my auto-reply. It sets a new expectation and gives me some relief that I have time to respond within 24 hours. After reading The 4-Hour Workweek, I swore to myself that in my next career, as soon as I was able, I would start outsourcing the tasks that someone else (an expert) could do and I would focus on the things that would be productive to my business (i.e. taking pictures, booking weddings and marketing).
I especially like Mr. Ferriss' idea of taking "mini-retirements" throughout your lifetime rather than saving up for a big trip when you retire. I fell in love with this concept and Steph and I are trying to get to a place where we can take 1-3 month long "mini-retirements". Oh, I have big dreams...and now I just need to outsource I can spend some time in these destinations!

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