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May 18, 2011     |     Photography

Mon Frère, Hunter

When we were little, I used to pick on Hunter...a lot. I used to dress him in tutus and tattle on him. Not sure why those pranks gave me such's probably because I had five whole years with my Mom and Dad before my brother arrived, and was unaccustomed to sharing their attention. Now, it is my good fortune to enjoy this beautiful city with my best friend - my brother, Hunter. 
It appears that Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer is officially becoming a family business. Not only does my Mom assist with proofing my blog posts (thanks, Mom), but my brother, Hunter, is my Assistant Extraordinaire. He adds an important dimension to this endeavor for which I am deeply grateful. Hunt has a full-time job, but assists me on the weekends with weddings. He is a naturalist, having lead kayak tours through the Charleston and Florida Keys waterways, an avid fisherman, beer aficionado, handyman (he can pretty much fix anything), and all-round good guy. 
Having a photographer's assistant is an important feature of my wedding package for clients. His assistance is needed to help with my equipment, sometimes to shoot from a different angle, other times to rock out the Elizabooth. Above all else, Hunter is there to support me in capturing the best shots for the bride and groom. He is a wonderful addition to CEP, and I am proud and happy to introduce him to you. I love you Bunties!
Here's Hunt with his mandolin in a test shot we did for a bride who was planning her Elizabooth.
It's likely that you will see Hunt sporting his bowtie at your wedding.
Or you might see him holding a reflector for me.
Here we are at the first wedding we shot together. We had the best time and have been working as a team ever since.
Hunter, you are my best friend! I love you more than you could possibly know. Thank you for your support, for always saying "I love you" before you hang up the phone and for knowing exactly when I need a margarita or a dance party in your Jetta. You are the best little brother a sister could ever ask for. Can't wait for our next wedding together at White Fences Vineyard in Virginia. Love you! Char
A little sneak peek of what's to come....Hunter's been hard at work on the Super 8 division of Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer.

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