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July 28, 2011     |     Personal

Ode to our teeny tiny apartment

You were quite tiny, only 450 square feet, but you were cozy and warm and you forced us to keep you neat. You were right downtown, just south of Broad, you made us feel like we were living a European lifestyle abroad. I'll remember the click clack of horses hooves as the carriages passed by and my walks to White Point Gardens with our sweet little Lexi Pie. I'll remember racing bikes home with Steph late at night, and walking to Christmas Eve service with our friends by the moonlight. Thank you for teaching us that we can live with less and that sometimes the best things in life are getting outside to go bike in your sundress. I will miss you so much, teeny tiny apartment.  
Here's our old apartment in downtown Charleston. It looks big from the outside but it's actually an old Charleston single divided into 4 apartments. We stayed in the 1 bedroom efficiency in the back of the house for nearly a year. See the little white gate to the far right of the photo? Those were our digs. I'm kind of obsessed with small spaces now. Have you seen the Small Cool Contest on Apartment Therapy? You can also see the 2011 contest here.
Steph and I moved from Wilmington, Delaware to a house in the burbs in Charleston. About 9 months after living in our new home, we realized that we wanted to experience downtown so we decided to downsize to a 1 bedroom in the heart of it all. I'm so glad we did, it was such a romantic and memorable year. We put everything in storage and gave about 20 boxes to the National Kidney Foundation. It didn't take long to realize that we never needed all of that stuff! And we came to appreciate the little the old copper knob on our screen door, biking to work and making popcorn on the stove.
Here's our living room. We felt bad that Lexi no longer had a lot of space so we let her sleep on the couch and the bed. She adapted quickly and we made sure to take her on lots of walks. I loved our teeny tiny stove, it worked perfectly. We didn't have any amenities like a microwave, washer/dryer, dishwasher or heat! Yes, I said heat. But we are from up north, so we are used to the cold. On occasion, we'd open the oven for some heat. I always laughed when people would ask me how we heat things up....the stove works well, it just takes a little longer.
Here's our little bedroom. By some miracle, we fit a King bed in here. That was non-negotiable for Steph.
Here's our little bathroom. The door doesn't even open all the way. Lexi likes to be by our side at all times so believe it or not, sometimes the three of us would stand in here getting ready for the day.
I came to appreciate things that took a little more boiling the water to make my french press coffee.
And enjoying the coffee with the door propped open to watch the rain fall. See the pink flowers in the background? I actually purchased silk flowers at Michaels and wrapped them up in the ivy in our yard. I left them there for the next tenant to enjoy.
My ever changing inspiration board.
Since my desk was right next to the door, I could prop it open and see what was going on outside. Lizards basked in the sun on my black mailbox. A red cardinal ate from the tree. Even though the yard was teeny tiny as well, there were plenty of little creatures visiting.
Here's our little yard.
On my walks with Lexi, I noticed that things were always changing downtown. Especially in the Spring...the flowers are amazing! I would always take pictures and send them to my Mom...she loves flowers. Living downtown definitely forced me to stop and smell the roses...and I did, every day.
What I'll miss most is riding my bike around downtown. It's hard to describe what it's like to cruise around in the city you love on your beach cruiser. It's just amazing.
It won't stop me from riding. When it cools down a bit, I plan on riding my beach cruiser to the water taxi and taking it downtown. Can't wait to share some images from my adventures. These last two photos were shot with my Lomo, the rest were shot with my Canon 5D Mark II.
Because Steph and I will miss our apartment so much, we decided to take a trip to NYC and will be staying in a 1 bedroom studio apartment in Greenwich Village in September. I'd love to shoot an engagement session while I'm up there if you know of anyone who might be interested!

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