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March 23, 2016     |     Personal

Haras Godiva

I am falling hard for this chic little town, it's like Wyoming and Malibu in one! You can go to an estancia and ride horses at 9am and be on the beach by 11am....I love how close the ranches are to the playa! We took the kids to Haras Godiva for a little horse back riding and it was so incredibly cute, I took them back a second time. I think I might take them again next week. It happens that the manager of the estancia, Paulina, has kids our age so she was so good with them and knew exactly how much or how little they could tolerate. We both agreed that 10-15 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a 2 and 3 year old. I could not believe how relaxed G and Lulu were on their horses, Brownie and Altos. They loved it! For the second lesson, they did a few exercises like lifting their hands in the air and playing Simon Says and they had so much fun! They also love feeding the horses afterward and eating sugar cookies. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world, I highly recommend Haras Godiva! Lovely experience all around!

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