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March 17, 2016     |     Personal

Our schedule

A lot of people asked me how we picked South America...well, honestly, simply because it was in the approximate same time zone as the USA! When we arrived we were only 2 hours ahead in Buenos Aires. As I type this, we are 1 hour ahead. This allowed for some lazy mornings with the kids and lots more time with Dad, it was a real treat! Steph didn't walk into work until around 10:30-11am, which would be 8:30-9am EST. Here are a few pics from our special mornings with Steph. We would lounge a lot, have breakfast in the apartment and walk Steph to work, stopping for medialunas and coffee along the way. Then we would go straight to the playground and then head back home for a little rest. Once our nanny Juli arrived, I would go out exploring to a new cafe or museum....then come back for a quick shower/change, some time with the kids and then out to dinner with Steph. Loved our schedule so much!!!

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