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April 4, 2016     |     Personal

Jose Ignacio, Week 2

Our last week in Jose Ignacio was quiet and blissful and was a perfect way to end the trip. We relaxed at the beach, hit up our favorite restaurant La Huella one more time, played at the beach house (in the pool and the trunk of the car). The electricity went out one night which made for a super cozy evening. This was the night we had a babysitter and Steph and I went out to dinner, it was lovely. We tried out a new coffee shop and played at Playa Mansa for sunsets. Our grand finale was a visit to Francis Mallman's restaurant Garzon, which was absolutely fabulous! We had dinner overlooking the olive fields and the kids ran all over the beautiful property. The morning we left, I took my little G bug out for one last little drive to the old town Garzon and we got some pics of cows and the dusty old town. It was a perfect ending to the most incredible adventure. Steph and I are working on a "Best Of" list for both Buenos Aires and Jose Ignacio so I'll post something for you all soon in case you wanted to escape to South America for bit.

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