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March 23, 2016     |     Personal

Haras Godiva

I am falling hard for this chic little town, it's like Wyoming and Malibu in one! You can go to an estancia and ride horses at 9am and be on the beach by 11am....I love how close the ranches are to the playa! We took the kids to Haras Godiva for a little horse back riding and it was so incredibly cute, I took them back a second time. I think I might take them again next week. It happens that the manager of the estancia, Paulina, has kids our age so she was so good with them and knew exactly how much or how little they could tolerate. We both agreed that 10-15 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a 2 and 3 year old. I could not believe how relaxed G and Lulu were on their horses, Brownie and Altos. They loved it! For the second lesson, they did a few exercises like lifting their hands in the air and playing Simon Says and they had so much fun! They also love feeding the horses afterward and eating sugar cookies. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world, I highly recommend Haras Godiva! Lovely experience all around!

March 17, 2016     |     Personal

Our schedule

A lot of people asked me how we picked South America...well, honestly, simply because it was in the approximate same time zone as the USA! When we arrived we were only 2 hours ahead in Buenos Aires. As I type this, we are 1 hour ahead. This allowed for some lazy mornings with the kids and lots more time with Dad, it was a real treat! Steph didn't walk into work until around 10:30-11am, which would be 8:30-9am EST. Here are a few pics from our special mornings with Steph. We would lounge a lot, have breakfast in the apartment and walk Steph to work, stopping for medialunas and coffee along the way. Then we would go straight to the playground and then head back home for a little rest. Once our nanny Juli arrived, I would go out exploring to a new cafe or museum....then come back for a quick shower/change, some time with the kids and then out to dinner with Steph. Loved our schedule so much!!!

March 17, 2016     |     Personal

Palermo Soho Apartment

Just a few random shots from our apartment in Palermo! It was awesome!!! This was our big splurge since we knew we would be doing a lot of lounging here with kids at nap time.

March 16, 2016     |     Personal

Life in the City

Just a few pics about town from one of our many weekends in Buenos Aires...captioned below:
Walk to brunch!
Checking out some of the street art, Graham thought the image (below) was of John Henry, one of his favorite books. We stopped and stared at this one for a while.
Looking for some superheros to add to our collection. (aka bribes for Graham to be on his best behavior...nothing wrong with that, right?)
Lulu-cita at brunch...can't even believe this big girl.
One of the few images of me in South America. Here we are eating a passionfruit cheesecake (had to try it, it was in my guide book) at Malvon. We also sampled the Limonda con mentha y jenjibre (lemonade with mint and ginger) that they serve EVERYWHERE in Buenos ever! YUM!!!
We went to the parks of Palermo on this particular day....
And took a boat ride on the lagos....
This was on another day at the park near our home called Plaza Serrano, it was literally steps from our front door, which was wonderful.
Here are the kids enjoying the Evita Museum...of course we ran through this museum at lightning speed. When I arrived they were both asleep in the stroller so I was hopeful I could walk through and enjoy it for myself but then they woke up and we sped through there. At least I got to see some of Evita's beautiful clothing. I wasn't allowed to take a picture, however.
Caught these cute little pups on a walk home one day, I thought this was so cute! I just could not get enough of all of the dog walkers!
Graham got his curls cut off! My heart broke a bit but he needed it!
Here is G hitting up one of the many playgrounds in the city....
Found a new little superhero at a Kiosco...I am not sure who is more excited, Steph or Graham...
Kids on the rooftop!

March 14, 2016     |     Personal

Visit from Isabel

We were so delighted to have the most special guests stay with us during our time in Palermo Soho. Sweet Isabel Gray and her father Jonathan came to visit us on their way down south to Antartica where they are going on a Polar Journey with Arctic Explorer Robert Swan. Isabel raised money to go on this adventure by playing her fiddle for crowds in Charleston. She is devoted to raising awareness about climate change and green energy. I showed Graham a video of Isabel playing her fiddle and he said "Mommy, I love her"! The kids were delighted to welcome her to our apartment. We went out to a traditional parrilla the first night and the second night of their stay they treated us to a concert on our rooftop! It was such a lovely memory for all of us, including Juli! Way to go, Isabel! You are an inspiration to all of us! "Isabel can save the earth and SO CAN YOU"! Bon voyage, explorers! Read all about Isabel and her efforts here.

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